Welcome to ClothesBase!

So glad you’re here! I am a lover of fashion. For years I bought every new trendy, shiny piece that I thought my wardrobe was missing to be “cool” and “on trend”. I ended up with a closet full of clothes that I never wore (or only wore once) and a style that didn’t really feel like me. The 5% I did wear was worn out because they were my go-to pieces.  When I started working in high-end fashion, I learned how to create a uniform or baseline of clothes that I would wear everyday, essentially, creating a closet full of go-to’s. But as a lover of clothes, there are those pieces that might not be as practical, but you absolutely fall in love with; I call these expression pieces, they express a part of you that you may know well or may be just discovering, but nonetheless is utterly “you”.With ClothesBase, I created five style categories that will help you nail down your personal style and find pieces that you wanna live your life in. This is my hope for everyone who shops at ClothesBase: that they discover a style that they feel comfortable and confident wearing, where every piece in their wardrobe feels like a go-to, and then from there, have fun and express their creativity with add on pieces. Here’s to a finding your unique style and a wardrobe that is utterly and uniquely “you”.

Happy shopping!

~ ClothesBase